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Why Rožmarin?

Spices are a symbol of our province, a characteristic of an individual cuisine and a highlight of the perfect taste of the prepared meal. Rosemary is an aromatic Mediterranean plant that happily plays with the recognizable flavours of Italian, French, Spanish and, last but not least, Slovenian cuisine.

With a cautious eye for difference and a cosmopolitan view of the Slovenian Styrian capital, since 2006, we have been introducing modern gastronomy under the carefully chosen name Restavracija Rožmarin. The knowledge and experience we bring from our exploration journeys through culinary and oenological regions, with our team, with inspiration and love, we combine into author's meals, which we prepare fresh, on time and without industrial additives. Explore the wine card, taste wines in the perfect ambience of the unique Bordeaux Chamber and choose your favourite bottle.

We wish you an unforgettable experience and delicious exploration!

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Gift voucher

Gift voucher for a wonderful experience! Buying a gift voucher can be a positive message, an inspiration and a wonderful surprise.

* Gift voucher can be used in all units of Rožmarin Hospitality Group (RESTAVRACIJA ROŽMARIN, LA PIZZERIA,
STEAKHOUSE ROŽMARIN, POPER, HOTEL MARIBOR (accommodation and sauna) and at the SHOP (purchase of olive
and pumpkin oil, premium wines, champagne, cognac, rum, cured meat, glasses and much more!)

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About us

We are a development and sustainability-oriented company with a 15-year tradition, which brings trends and services at the highest level of quality through various gastronomic, accommodation and cultural contents.

With the renovation of old decaying buildings, we have revived many architectural treasures in the city centre, to which we have given new life with revitalization and thoughtful contents.


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