Exploration of flavours

Socializing over meals, selected wines, with people who make us happy is one of the most important principles
our catering offers.

The Chef's recommendation

The Chef's recommendation

Culinary creations are the artwork of a master chef who, with the best ingredients, imagination, knowledge and inspiration, creates an invaluable moment of pleasure that you experience when tasting it.

A la carte menu

A la carte menu

We explore, we develop, we create. The menu is our signature. Each meal carries a story that we tell you through tastes, aromas, drinks… through perceptions and feelings. We desire to create your own story that will connect us to a mutual experience.



Weekly Offer

Seasonal, tempting and fast

When the pace of life is steadily pointing to the clock, it is important not to forget about harmony. It can be achieved with a balanced diet that will restore the body's lost energy, vitamins and balance.

From Monday to Friday between 11 am and 4 pm, we take care of maintaining your balance with lunch, dinner or a tempting snack with our selected meals.


Gift voucher

Gift voucher for a wonderful experience! Buying a gift voucher can be a positive message, an inspiration and a wonderful surprise.

* Gift voucher can be used in all units of Rožmarin Hospitality Group (RESTAVRACIJA ROŽMARIN, LA PIZZERIA,
STEAKHOUSE ROŽMARIN, POPER, HOTEL MARIBOR (accommodation and sauna) and at the SHOP (purchase of olive
and pumpkin oil, premium wines, champagne, cognac, rum, cured meat, glasses and much more!)



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